Blog: 3Dazer Precision Measurement Tool For Your Smartphone

Conner Flynn June 28, 2018

3Dazer will save you time and money.

If you’re looking for a measuring tool for your smartphone, check out 3Dazer. It’s the perfect way to manage any project while on the go. Forget the old-fashioned tape measure. Your tape measure never did all of the things that this solution does.

Get Accurate Measurements and Much More

3Dazer offers precision accuracy for any and every project you are working on. It also allows for easy collaboration, letting you connect with subs, vendors, and clients. Working on multiple projects? Not a problem at all. It allows you to keep and maintain multiple projects in a single app. 3Dazer also offers project tracking, storing POs, photos, notes, and notifications.

And since everything is paperless, you are going to save a lot of money for your business not to mention time. I don’t have to tell you what a big plus that is for your business.

You’ll also be able to bid for jobs much faster. Whether you work on a construction site, or in the realty sector, or are an independent contractor, 3Dazer is going to make your life easier. It is perfect for so many industries. This is really going to change the way that you work and give you back a lot of time. You and your team are going to be much more efficient. Even regular guys who build stuff are going to love it.

The smart app lets you measure accurately, take photos, add notes or voice memos and share the data with your co-workers. Aside from that, you can upload everything to your own cloud account and access things at any time. Do you need to create quick floor plans? You can do it right on your phone and it takes practically no time at all.

3Dazer makes all of your jobs easier.

From Start To Finish, Your Projects Are Now Easier

Another great feature is that 3Dazer can be accessed on any device. And it is all user-friendly. With the 3Dazer device and app, your jobs will never be the same.

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