Bringing new technology into your business can increase productivity, boost sales, and just make your company run more efficient. But bringing new technology into your business doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and it shouldn’t. So, what can you do to make a technology change more appealing and the transition easier when it comes to those subcontractors who feel it may be above their head? Show them how it is done by integrating them in the process as you begin using it yourself.

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We have broken down ways to improve efficiency for the project manager in four unique and immensely important categories. These categories are:

  • Organization
  • Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing

Start with implementing the “quick wins” with your employees immediately. On the 3Dazer app you can share daily logs, to-dos, docs, photos, and commenting - straight from the app! Your subcontractors will be thrilled that they can get all the information on their Smartphone. Not only is it immediate, but it saves them the time and hassle of writing down information and needing paper and pads in their tool box.

These features only take a minute or two to learn, can be used through the mobile app at any time, and can go a long way toward streamlining jobsite communication. The award winning 3Dazer is a robust software platform that offers dozens of features – allowing you to track, create materials lists, measure out jobs for bidding, photo storage in the cloud, and much more. Attempting to implement every feature with your subcontractor all at once can lead to overwhelming your employees. Start small and see immediate improvements or changes.

Now is the time to get an app that can help you run your business with efficiency like never before, because the industry is growing. Yes, it is growing!. The construction industry is steadily increasing and is not projected to stop anytime soon. According to Statista, an estimated 788 billion US dollars worth of structures were built in 2011. In 2016, that number skyrocketed to 1.1 Trillion dollars and by 2021 is expected to reach almost 1.5 Trillion dollars annually.

With the 3Dazer app your business will have a level of organization that competitors simply cannot measure up to. When business is flourishing and projects begin to increase in number, it can become much easier for the project manager to take on more and more work. For many successful project managers, their vast amount of projects on different job sites can add up and begin to be extremely difficult to keep track of. With 3Dazer, all of the project manager’s organizational issues are solved in one comprehensive, all-in-one product.


Being an efficient and organized project manager is made so much simpler due to the fact that all measuring operations are controlled direct from your iPhone and the results are always saved automatically in the room dimension listed on the app. Within the same app, one can create and manage as many projects as they would like while also having the freedom and ability to add photos, make notes, record voice memos, and place all of the measurements they recorded with the 3Dazer laser measurer into each project in real time. The unique ability to efficiently record and save all measurements, notes, and info from various projects proves 3Dazer to be a major benefactor and an invaluable tool for the busy project manager on the go.


Your employees need to know what you are expecting of them so they can deliver their best results. When you are working in the field every day, sometimes sending an email so everyone is clear, is not possible, in fact, that is usually the case most of the time. That means there must be a better way to communicate. The phone is obvious, but with all the personal reasons to use your smartphone, separating your work from the other content on your phone can make your work life much easier. So we made sure there was an app for that! Thereby, giving you correspondence in one place - in one app, with all of your work projects.

The 3Dazer Pro project management app features measurement and data storage that is unparalleled by any other laser measurer or app on the market today. The advantage of this? Your communications are coming from a cloud where you can always access the information later, no matter what happens to your phone. The leading competitors only allow the storage of up to five measurements on their devices, and that is not including any relative project management platform to apply these recorded measurements to. With 3Dazer Pro, not only is it possible to record and save unlimited measurements with the onboard app storage and cloud storage, one can also apply these measurements to the correct project that correlates with the photos, voice memos, or any other data that has already been added, and then SHARE. The immense amount of data storage on one simple and easy to use app makes using 3Dazer a big win for all project managers on any job site.

For the average contractor, there are already so many tools and devices that take up space in vehicles, toolboxes, and on their work belts. The fact that there is limited room for more tools makes 3Dazer Pro the perfect and easy solution for managing multiple projects.


Having a powerful tool that accurately measures any distance to a single point, can make the bidding process go much faster and more efficient as well. Measuring the distance between two points indirectly, without pulling out the ladder and tape measure can save hours in your work when it comes to bids. Need to measure area and volume of any space? No problem. We made an app for that!

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3Dazer is the one stop shop for each and every measuring and data recording need. No longer is there a demand to pay excess workers on the potential job-site. To assess bids, collect data, and crunch numbers, all the project manager needs is the 3Dazer Pro laser measurement system and project management app.

Lastly, with 3Dazer Pro, the project manager is able to instantly share projects that are in progress, and completed projects with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors via email or sms message using the all inclusive app. This instant sharing and editing ability across all levels is the cutting edge of project managing and allows for crystal clear communication, organization, and data sharing. When it comes to improving efficiency, utilizing technology is the fastest path, with the biggest payoff as well. Technology, such as project management software like 3Dazer, can eliminate costly work errors and get your team on track for better delivered projects.

James Shun,
-Founder and CEO, 3Dazer