3Dazer Details
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3Dazer is the first app-driven and currently smallest smart laser measuring device on the market with cloud storage and sharing functions.


Ease and flexibility - iPhone's large touch screen make it easy to operate and check. Switching easily between the attached mode and remote mode provides the flexibility to fit any measuring situation.

Smart - Being compatible with the iPhone enables the 3Dazer to use the iPhone's advanced embedded sensors thereby making it more powerful.

All-in-one data storage - The measurements are saved in a well-organized system on the user's iPhone. The label function enables the user to take photos and mark up the images with measurement lines, text notes or voice memos.

One-click sharing - The user's data can be uploaded and store onto a secure cloud account and can be easily shared with others. The recipients can view it anytime, anywhere, on any device just as they view shared contents via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sleek and compact - The 3Dazer is lightweight and small making it convenient to have with you in your purse or pocket at all times. The attractive design makes it a fitting accessory to the iPhone.


The 3Dazer laser measurer is able to measure directly, indirectly, and remotely.


Manage, store, and organize your project data by spaces.

  • Store project data on secure cloud
  • Take measurements easily
  • Label photos with notes and audio
  • Sketch floor plans including furniture
  • Access anytime, anywhere


Labels keep your measurements, notes
and voice memos all in one place.

  • Take photos
  • Draw lines
  • Make notes and tags
  • Add voice memos
  • Review notes


Sketches allow you to create floor plans with
furniture and room elements.

  • Create floor plans
  • Draw walls, windows, and doors
  • Add furniture
  • Make notes and sync


Share and collaborate with clients and colleagues.

  • Collaborate with co-workers
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Share information with vendors
  • Connect with manufacturers
  • Network with other designers

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