Q: How far does the 3Dazer measure?

A: The 3Dazer Pro takes instant measurements up to 260 feet. Just point, click, done.

Q: Does the 3Dazer measure accurately?

A: Yes, the device measures accurately up to +/- 1/16”.

Q: Will I be able to reduce estimation errors and provide them quicker to clients?

A: Yes, you can reduce estimation errors, saving both time and money.

Q: Does the 3Dazer take instant measurements?

A: Yes. The 3Dazer solution takes instant measurements with a one-button operation on your smartphone.

Q: Can I target the spot I want to measure from one side to the next with the laser?

A: Yes. You will have easy targeting with our bright laser.

Q: Does it calculate area and volume?

A: Yes. 3Dazer provides quick calculation of both area (square footage) and volume.

Q: Is there a stake out function on the 3Dazer?

A: Yes. There is a stake out function on the 3Dazer.

Q: Is there a built-in level?

A: Yes, there is a new inclination sensor on the 3Dazer that helps with leveling, height tracking, and measuring around obstacles.

Q: Does the 3Dazer use Pythagoras calculations for height?

A: Yes, the Pythagoras calculations are made with the 3Dazer solution.

Q: Can I email measurements directly from the app once they are stored?

A: You can share the data via email or text to anyone using the 3Dazer App on your smartphone.

Q: Does the 3Dazer App work on Android phones?

A: Yes, the 3Dazer works on both iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Q: Can I retrieve my project information from my account on my computer at the office?

A: Yes, you can access your project information by simply logging into your cloud account anywhere, anytime.

About the battery

Q: How long is the lifetime of the battery?

A: 500 full charges, if the user charges it every two days which means the life of the battery will last 2 and half years.

Q: How long does it take for a full charge?

A: 3 hours at the required voltage

Q: How long can it last when it is in standby mode or measuring per full charge?

A: Each full charge can support over 1000 continuous measurements or 6 hours standby. To save the battery power, the device will be powered off after a while in standby mode. You can set standby time as 15 mins, 30 mins or 1 hr. Shorter standby time makes your battery power last longer.

Q: The device is fully charged and the indicator light turns green, but I just can’t turn it on. I pressed the power on button on the side, but nothing seems to happen — no beeps nor any laser beam comes out. What I can do? Is the device defective?

A: Sometimes the device doesn’t fully charge at the factory before shipping, so after a long period of time kept in the warehouse the power of the battery will be drained and the device may not power up. If this happens after fully charging your device, you will see the light turn green and you can then unplug the charging cable and reboot it by pressing the “power on/off “ button and holding it on for 12s or more before releasing it. Now you can just click it again, it should work now. Otherwise you just repeat the above steps one more time.

Q: After using it for more than one year, the device battery seems to not last as long as it did before?

A: Yes, this is normal. Since the lifetime of the battery is for 500 full charges, the more charges you consume, the more the battery power is diminished.

Q: How can I know the battery is low and that I need to charge it?

A: We have battery power indicator on both home page and measure page. When the battery power is lower than 20%, it will turn amber and a low battery alert will pop up from top of the screen to notify users to charge.

When the battery power is lower than 10%, the battery indicator will turn red. And another alert will pop up to remind users to recharge as soon as possible. At same time the connection will be disabled and the device will power off in 60s automatically.