Q: Does the 3Dazer measure accurately?

A: Yes, the device measures accurately up to =/- 1/16”.

Q: Will I be able to reduce estimation errors and provide them quicker to clients?

A: Yes, you can reduce estimation errors, saving both time and money.

Q: Does the 3Dazer take instant measurements?

A: Yes. The 3Dazer solution takes instant measurements with a one-button operation on the device.

Q: Can I target the spot I want to measure from one side to the next with the laser?

A: Yes. You will have easy targeting with our bright laser.

Q: Does it calculate area and volume?

A: Yes. 3Dazer provides quick calculation of both area (square footage) and volume.

Q: Can I add and subtract measurements once they are taken?

A: Yes. It is easy to do addition and subtraction of measurements on the 3Dazer app.

Q: Is there a stake out function on the 3Dazer?

A: Yes. There is a stake out function on the 3Dazer.

Q: How far does the 3Dazer measure?

A: The 3Dazer Pro takes instant measurements up to 230 feet. Just point, click, done.

Q: Is there a built-in level?

A: Yes, there is a new inclination sensor on the 3Dazer that helps with leveling, height tracking, and measuring around obstacles.

Q: Does the 3Dazer use Pythagoras calculations for height?

A: Yes, the Pythagoras calculations are made with the 3Dazer solution.

Q: Can I email measurements directly from the app once they are stored?

A: You can email the data from your measurements and send it anywhere any time.

Q: Does the 3Dazer App work on Android phones?

A: Yes, the 3Dazer works on both Apple and Android Smartphones, and iPads.

Q: Can I retrieve my information from my account on my computer at the office?

A: Yes, you can access your information by simply logging into your account anywhere any time.